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Ed W. Campbell, AIA Ameritas Ventura California architects and engineers. Architects and Engineers Inc.

Windscape Competition Announcement

USA Architects and Engineers, Inc. Enters East Coast Competition

December 12, 2005

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The USA Architects and Engineers, Inc. Windscape Competition Team Participants were:

Ed W. Campbell, AIA – President

Preston Ferrell – Associate / Project Manager


The Windscape Competition basic concept and working theory behind this entry is as follows:


Whenever anybody speaks of a Wind Farm, the first thing they imagine is a forest of propeller driven masts.  A rather cold, industrialized and sterile vision of this new technology at work.


What if this could be replaced with a vision of warm and golden, spiraling, flame-like elements, capturing sunlight and watery reflections while rotating in unison to gentle ocean breezes.  Or perhaps a slow materializing glow in the distance as the sun disappears and night falls – with natural moonlight and artificial lighting creating a man-made sunset from energy captured by a combination of solar cells, tide generators, and of course, our romantic flame-like wind turbines.


This is a vision than elevates the concept of a land-based and ocean-based Tourist Destination, from mundane to the level of a work of art.  The careful sculpturing and intentional manipulation of a universally recognizable American icon – the flame from the Statue of Liberty – multiplied several times over and modernized to provide a dual aesthetic and practical function.   A bold demonstration of how nature can be harnessed to provide electricity, while simultaneously using man-made structures to enhance an already magnificent view of the ocean.   Much in the same way sparkling city lights can enhance the view of a beautiful valley from the top of a nearby hillside.   An eternal-flame tribute to the ingenuity of man and to the miracles of nature.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Ed W. Campbell, President

Ed W. Campbell, AIA Ameritas
P.O. Box 1412, San Buenaventura, CA 93002
Tel: (805) 648-1859
Fax: (805) 648-1484